January 1, 2018

3 Things to consider before booking your wedding photographer

I have been in the wedding industry for many years and have learned a few things during that time. When I got married, the only photographers out there were film photographers from big studios. Also, when I planned my wedding, I only had magazines to get ideas from as Pinterest was not a thing yet. All wedding photographers looked exactly the same an although my personal wedding photos were shot in a vastly different style, I love them. They remind me of one of the best days of my life.

The wedding photography industry has transformed, for the better, over the past 20 years. As a newly engaged couple, you have so many choices to choose from; your venue, your photographer, your cake decorator, your reception, your honeymoon. So many choices and a million ways to do them! How do you filter through all these choices and make sure you’ve made the right decision?

While I’m not an expert on how to bake the best cake or which flowers will look the best at your wedding, I do know a few things about wedding photography. Here are three things I would consider for a wedding photographer if I were getting married today:

Discover your Style

One of the most beautiful things about photography is that there are not any two photographers in this world that see things exactly the same way. There are many beautiful photographic styles. It’s up to you as a couple to decide which style you like best. It’s not just the editing style, it’s also the way a photographer captures you as a couple. Do you like posed shots or more candid photos? Do you like a photographer who edits with a light and airy feel or do you like bold colors. My advice is to create a Pinterest board with photos you like and reflect your style! Before you sign a contract with a photographer, make sure you know they will be delivering the style of photos that will best represent you on the best day of your life!

Hire a Professional

After you have discovered your photographic style, you will want to find a photographer who is a good communicator and can answer all of your questions as you begin the planning process. A professional has taken the time to properly setup their small business and has usually invested significant resources into training and equipment. They do all of this so they can create an excellent client experience from the initial contact all the way through the delivery of images and products. You will want someone who is organized and who has dedicated systems for emails, contracts and more. This person will also spend the majority of your wedding day with you and can assist with those last minute decisions that have to be made.

Find your Tribe

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Find your tribe and love them hard.” We all have a tribe. You know…those people in your life that are REALLY in your life? It’s the people, your friends and family, that you do life with. These people are committed to being on the journey with you and you love them! Wouldn’t it be awesome to find a photographer that when you meet them you say, “They are so awesome, I could see them being in my tribe!” I love it when I have this feeling about a client, a person who starts out as a stranger, becomes a friend. Just imagine the experience of getting to hang out with a friend on your wedding day. And because this person is your friend, they are capturing the best of you, because they know you and care about you.

If you will take some to focus on these 3 things before you hire a photographer, it will greatly reduce the stress you have in planning and especially on the day of your wedding. It also helps with the indecisiveness that comes with the fear of making the wrong choice. Trust your gut, know what you want, and don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.

Here’s to Happy Planning!!