December 7, 2017

My Two Bears

Have you seen the movie Boss Baby? If you haven’t, you should, especially if you have more than one child. And especially if you have children who are far apart in age, like my Baylor and my Brooklyn.

We bought this movie on Black Friday because it was really cheap and Brooklyn kept telling us she wanted to watch “Baby Boss!” It’s our go-to movie in the car and, for now, it’s on repeat. I knew Brooklyn liked it, but was surprised when Baylor explained earlier this week that it was her favorite movie!

I said, “Really? Of all the movies, Boss Baby is your favorite?”

She exclaimed, “YES! We need to watch it together this week!”

Well, last night was that night. Baylor, Brooklyn and I sat down to watch it. Although I hate this phrase, it’s the only way to describe it; it gave me all the feels! The premise of the movie is an older child having to deal with the feelings of his parents having another baby. The creators of the movie tell the story about a boy getting a baby brother in the most beautiful way. By the end of the movie, both girls were asleep and I was a crying mess.

In that moment, I understood why this was Baylor’s favorite movie.

Brooklyn was born when Baylor was 8-years-old. When we told Caed and Baylor that we were having a baby, she cried. She adamantly did not want a little brother or sister (there is a video of this, maybe I’ll post it someday!). Until that moment, our little Baylor was center of attention. She enjoyed this status and a tiny human had just taken that from her. We’ve been intentional over the years to make sure Baylor knows that she is still very much loved and cherished, but I know that didn’t change her feelings towards Brooklyn. Don’t get me wrong, Baylor and Brook get along really well, most of time. Because of the age difference, Baylor has felt very middle-childish.

For some reason, the creative story-telling of Boss Baby struck a cord with Baylor. It seems to have helped her deal with her feelings towards Brooklyn. I have witnessed Baylor’s heart soften and I have noticed that she has taken a more intentional interest in their relationship. Now I know why, God used a simple movie to help Baylor sort out her feelings. It’s also partly because Baylor is maturing, but I want to believe that God is showing her the things in life that are important.

I’m so honored that God allowed me to be their mom and that I get to watch the love between them grow as they get older…

The part of the movie that gave me all the feels was the ending… Tim, the older brother writes Boss Baby a letter because he misses him and wants him to be part of their family forever. It’s the best, and when I read it I hear Baylor saying this to Brooklyn…

Dear Boss Baby,

I don’t usually write very much but now I know that memos are very important things. Even though I never went to business school I did learn to share in kindergarten and if there isn’t enough love for the two of us then I want to give you all of mine.

I would like to offer you a job. it will be hard work and there will be no pay. But the good news is that you can never be fired and I promise you this – every morning when you wake up I will be there. Every night at dinner, I will be there. Every birthday party, every Christmas morning, I will be there. Year after year after year. We will grow old together and you and I will always be brothers. Always.

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