April 17, 2017

12 | Baylor Aeryn Rodgers | A whirlwind & A Martini

Baylor turned 12 this past week.

I always tell her that I should get the prize on her birthday. I know all births are painful, but hers was unexpectedly painful! She was born on a Tuesday night in a whirlwind.  My water broke at 11:30pm and she arrived at 1:53am. She was born in Roswell, New Mexico. At the time, we lived in a rural small town and had to drive 45 minutes to the hospital.

We had driven that road a million times, but that night we couldn’t drive fast enough! We arrived at the hospital and the first thing I asked, “When can I get my epidural?!”

The nurse threw her head back and laughed! “Honey, you’re fully effaced and dilated, there is no time for an epidural!”

I said, “What? What did you say?!”

She said, “Honey, we have to wait on the on-call doctor to arrive, we’ll give you something to take the edge off. It’s called a Martini!”

I said, “YES, give me a Martini!”

I received the Martini and it ‘partially’ took the edge off. By the time the Martini kicked in, my body was saying PUSH! But I couldn’t push because the doctor wasn’t there yet! The doctor did finally arrive and I was totally out of it! The nurse had to wake me up to push. (Confession: I remember cussing VERY loud. Baylor was born VERY fast and my body was not cooperating, and my mouth was spilling out the pain my body was feeling!)

Her birth totally contradicted her baby personality. She was the best baby. She nursed like a champ, slept like a champ, and was just a joy throughout it all. She slept with me the first month, snuggled up to my chest. I have always said that I would have a million babies if they were just like her as a baby. She had the best disposition.

At 12, she still has the same sweet disposition. Although she is turning into a teenager, she still likes to snuggle. She is still a great sleeper! She is always the party-pooper at sleepovers, being the first to fall asleep! She is a talented volleyball player and can make friends with a brick wall. She loves taking notes at church and fiercely loves her friends! She gets more beautiful as she gets older. I’m super proud to be her mom.

I would give birth in a whirlwind with a Martini everyday for this girl!

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